4 steps to retain customers using content marketing

It’s a common mistake to focus purely on attracting new visitors to your site, but it’s equally important to make sure these blog readers and visitors stick around. The online world has moved on in all kinds of ways over the past few years and it’s vital to keep up date with these changes. For example, in 2020, people are more likely to skim-read a blog than read it in depth. This is because the sheer amount of content out there is increasing at a dramatic rate and people’s attention span has gone down. Here are some tips on how to keep your readers engaged so that they stay on your site and get the most out of your content. 


1) Use Google Analytics 

Insights from Google Analytics can help you ditch or update content that’s no longer relevant. This can help SEO and show visitors at a glance that you’re up-to-date and not pushing old content that doesn’t matter anymore. These kinds of tools can also isolate problem pages that cause visitors to click away from your site, allowing you to take a closer look and work out why this is happening and fix it. On the flip side Analytics can show you content that is performing well and driving engagement. You should look at how you can adapt future pieces to gain the same traction.


2) Have a long-term and adaptable vision

It’s a good goal to produce content that lasts the test of time but this doesn’t mean all your content needs to be evergreen. It’s worth producing content that might matter in the short-term (such as COVID-related posts) to provide thought-provoking and emotive content. With a long-term vision, your content will be cohesive and appear more meaningful and professional to visitors, but give yourself the freedom to incorporate new topics as and when they occur. 


3) Collect insights from your existing customer base

To attract new customers and ensure they stay around, you should analyse your current visitors and see what their needs are and why they follow your brand. But don’t just look at their behaviour, set up surveys and interviews to really get to the heart of what needs you’re fulfilling and how you can improve or branch out. 


4) Above all, be authentic

Be honest about your reasons for creating and sharing your content. Your customers will trust you much more if you explain your thoughts behind your content strategy. And it helps to personalise your content. Make the reader realise that there’s a human behind each post and they’ll be more invested than they would be dealing with some faceless voice. 


When it comes to promoting your business, don’t stick to the same routine. You should be looking to adapt and fine-tune certain aspects to both attract and retain customers.