SEO can simply be described as the sum of actions taken to better position your website and increase its organic traffic by enabling the website to comply with dynamic criteria and algorithms set by search engines. In meeting SEO standards your website should provide both a great experience to website visitors but also be optimised for Google bots to enable easy indexing of your site content. 


With the right SEO strategy, well formulated roadmap and the related implementation, covering technical, on-site and off-site SEO, you can be ahead of your competition, increase your web site’s organic traffic and keyword positioning.


Our approach to SEO starts with a full site audit, this will provide recommendations as well as performance KPI’s showing the increase in traffic that can be gained if the changes are implemented, which of course we can help you do.


As every website is at a different stage in their life with a huge difference in setup/technical infrastructure and content, each report and roadmap therefore is bespoke and recommendations will be tailored for your web sites needs. These will cover technical SEO, Content Optimisation, Link Building / Outreach and Digital PR.


One should always keep in mind that SEO is not a quick fix but it is an investment that will pay dividends for years into the future if done correctly and sustainably.


In addition to our full stack SEO service that we provide, we can also help a company in the following ways:


1. Website’s SEO Sanity/Health Check-up: you can carry on working with the current SEO agency, but you might want to get an independent audit report to see whether your site is on the right track.


2. New Website Built Guidelines: SEO should be an integrated part of the new website design and development process, we can provide a project based service till your new site goes live then, we can discuss how you should handle your SEO based on your marketing and branding strategies and targets.


3. Guide to SEO for Multinationals for uniformity across its operational countries: While we take care of your international site, we can also develop a guideline which can be applicable to local markets worldwide.



I have worked with the team at Heavyweight Agency for a few years and have hired the agency for two separate businesses. The SEO audit work the team performed on both occasions was outstanding and provided a vital roadmap for improving traffic and fixing major issues. The team also provided high level support from a tech perspective and provided regular and detailed updates with members across my team. I would highly recommend Heavyweight Agency if you are looking for SEO support.


George Brown / Marketing Lead / Artificial Solutions