Let us bring your designs to life!


We’re the brickies of the online world, building pixel-perfect solutions.


Everything we build is bespoke for our clients. We never work with templates as we want to build a solution that is truly built for you and your business. It needs to be future proof so that you can keep adding content and so that it is easy to make changes moving forwards.


We have alot of experience working with large companies so we have a good understanding of how intranets are used, the security hoops we need to jump through and how to work with systems such as Sharepoint and Salesforce CRM. Take a look at our projects to see some of the work we have produced, however, not everything is shared online so best to give us a call or drop us an email and let us know what you are looking for. If we can’t help then we will probably know someone who can!


“We’ve just started working with these guys and we’re extremely pleased with their high level of knowledge and expertise, their willingness to help and speed in getting things done. Very thorough”


Samantha Branch / Marketing Manager / Visit Totnes


Are you on the right hosting solution?


So many websites suffer from poor hosting. If the page takes an age to load, the user will be quick to hit backspace – and rightly so. It’s important to offer a smooth, quick experience to make sure your information hits the mark. If you have the wrong hosting package it’s likely to cost you traffic, engagement and results.


Even worse, your website may be vulnerable to hackers due to a lack of regular software updates. Some providers can be slow to respond to support requests, which can be disastrous if your website is under attack. 


At Heavyweight Agency, we can make sure your hosting is working as it should. We will look at any issues, run detailed tests and come up with the perfect solution. You can trust us to make things good as new.