Institute of Business Ethics
Speak Up Toolkit

The business


The Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) is a charity that promotes high standards of behaviour based on ethical values. The IBE helps organisations strengthen their ethical culture through the sharing of knowledge and best practises. You can learn more about the IBE by clicking here.

The brief 


Following the successful launch of the Say No Toolkit in partnership with IBE, Heavyweight Agency were approached to develop a second app, the Speak Up Toolkit. The Speak Up Toolkit is shared with employees throughout the UK to encourage people to voice their concerns and highlight issues within a workplace. 


The IBE launched the toolkit during their Summer of Speak Up campaign where they discussed everything to do with Speak Up culture.

The design & build 


A hybrid app and progressive web app was developed by the Heavyweight team, providing key features which would allow employees to progress through the Speak Up process seamlessly.


“The Toolkit drives people to have conversations, as issues are usually best resolved as soon as possible and amongst colleagues. It suggests resources you might look for in your organisation or IBE support material. The Speak Up Toolkit is a resource that you can dip in and out of. It is there to offer support and guide you through every step of your Speak Up journey.”

The results 


The toolkit was successfully launched and used as part of a wide-ranging campaign throughout summer 2019. Many webinars, talks and events were hosted by The Institute of Business Ethics with the Speak Up Toolkit referenced as a resource for employees to find help and support.


The app has been used by thousands of employees across the world. We will continue to support the IBE by developing the app to ensure it stays current and, most of all, useful. If you would like to download the app or find out more information, click here.

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