Institute of Business Ethics
Say No Toolkit

The business


The Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) is a charity that promotes high standards of behaviour based on ethical values. The IBE helps organisations strengthen their ethical culture through the sharing of knowledge and best practices.

The brief


The IBE and its partner, Serco, required an App to help educate employees on the 2010 Bribery Act. The IBE Say No Toolkit is a decision-making tool, designed to help organisations support their employees to make the right decision when faced with a difficult situation. The Say No Toolkit provides immediate, practical guidance on a wide range of business issues, guiding employees to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision when faced with difficult issues.


The task was to deliver a fully customisable app so that other companies could benefit in the future. A version of the app is available free for anyone to use. There is also the option for organisations to purchase a customisable version so that they can modify the content to fit with their organisation. 

The design & build 


The Say No Toolkit was designed to be as simple as possible, with content made available with the least amount of steps so that users could find essential content in a matter of seconds.


Organisations are given with options to:


Tailor the content / To clarify policy or add examples

Brand it / So it feels bespoke

Increase usage / Support their employees and strengthen their culture

Improve recruitment and retention / Acting as a responsible employer

Business development / Use exposure to attract investors and partners


The toolkit works as a hybrid and progressive web app, making it available on all devices.


“Creative in their ideas yet practical in the development to create something that met the brief and provides an effective business tool that is now being used by a number of companies”


Robert Smith / Director Business Compliance and Ethics / Serco


The results 


Hundreds of thousands of employees have used the app following the launch. The Say No Toolkit app is now linked to from the government website for Anti Bribery and Corruption training.


If you would like to share the toolkit with your team members, download the app for free here

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