How to make engaging video content

Employed correctly, video can be the ultimate marketing tool. It can be featured across your website, newsletters, social media channels and all kinds of marketing strategies. But the success of video content all comes down to one thing: producing videos that people actually want to watch. It’s all about making exciting video content that meets your marketing goals. 


Here are some key points to keep in mind when creating quality videos for your brand. 


Get straight to the point

Your opening shot needs to grab the viewer’s attention instantly. Don’t make the mistake of setting establishing shots or having drawn-out introductions otherwise your audience will quickly lose interest. Put some exciting content at the very start with the aim to intrigue the viewer and encourage them to stick around to see what happens next. 


Think about the length

Make sure your videos are tightly edited to include all the essential content. Don’t spend valuable seconds on a scene or image that adds nothing, make sure to get straight to the action and excite the viewer. And keep an eye on your stats – if most people switch off by the halfway point of your video, it’s time for a further round of edits. 


Mix up the content

People tend to switch off after just 8 seconds of watching someone speak. This is a problem as most times you’ll need to express your message through speech. To get around this, edit in other content. Use related visuals over the spoken-word content and consider using action shots to convey your message rather than going for a lengthy explanation. 


Tell a story

Storytelling has been an important tool for many thousands of years. It’s how messages are spread and engaging tales are passed on and on. Use the art of storytelling to create something that speaks to your viewers and create a memorable image that they can relate to. 


Use humour

If it suits your brand, humour is a very useful tool when it comes to video content. It adds a new dimension to the viewing experience, making it both shareable and memorable. 


Employ facts and credible influencers

Establish your business as a trustworthy and reliable source by using facts and figures in your video content. Double check the references and make sure you can back up the information. It can also be useful to feature a credible influencer in your field – this will bolster your credibility.