Coronavirus E-commerce Site


Has your business been affected by COVID-19? If you have a bricks and mortar business and can no longer sell your products offline due to the current lockdown, our team at Heavyweight Agency may have the solution to help you navigate the coming weeks and months – and even establish a new income stream for your business now and when the crisis is over.


The Solution


The answer is simple: pivot your business online and let Heavyweight do the heavy lifting with our non-profit scheme designed to get your business back up and running as soon as possible. We will build you an e-commerce website from front to end, including a payment gateway to process payments and deposit sales straight into your business bank account. 


Of course, every business is different so each case needs to be judged individually to ensure we deliver this to those who it can help the most. The aim is to get your business back on its feet so you can start bringing in income as soon as possible, then we can help you build on it in future to maximise the benefits. 


How Does It Work?


We have access to over 80 expert developers who can work to get this new online portal built for you. They will build it using state-of-the-art platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify, linking it to a Stripe account which will allow for online payment processing. The theme and design will be carefully chosen to suit your brand, then optimised for the best e-commerce performance. 


We have many years of experience in this field so you can rely on our decision-making expertise to ensure the very best chance of converting visitors into purchases. To achieve this swiftly, your online arm will be set up on a separate domain, chosen by us and designed to complement the look and feel of your business brand. 


How Long Will It Take?


Normally, the process could take months but in the wake of the current crisis, we’ve streamlined numerous aspects and expect to be able to deliver the live site within three weeks. However, this is not strictly guaranteed as we expect high demand for this service.


How Much Will It Cost?


We understand that cash flow is a real issue for many right now, so this is a non-profit scheme from Heavyweight Agency with the focus on helping businesses recover as soon as possible. All we ask is our costs covered, meaning a small setup fee of £1,495 and £200 per month for as long as it is active.


Who Can Benefit?


Selling products and services over the internet can work for a vast array of businesses. For example, if you have a catering company which deals solely with business clients, now you can start selling to the public at large, bringing in valuable income during these uncertain times. Or if you have a stall selling hand-crafted jewellery or clothing, here’s your chance to reach a vast new audience, many times more than you might find through footfall alone. Whatever your business, it’s highly likely you can pivot some or all of your trade to an online income.


You must be an established business that has been affected by COVID-19 to apply.


This current crisis will pass but right now it’s important to adapt your business in order to survive and ultimately thrive, leaving you stronger than ever. We’re here to help you navigate these next few weeks and months so give us a call on 0208 144 9627 or send us a message to and we’ll be in touch very soon.