5 of our best tips on working from home

In 2020, working from home has become more widespread than anyone could have imagined. While this style of work was slowly becoming more common in recent years, the coronavirus crisis has forced people to work from home, with largely positive results. However, switching from a busy office to the home is a major adjustment and most of us could use a few pointers on how to successfully navigate this transition. 


1 Have a place in your home specifically for work (if possible)

A dedicated workspace is vital to separate home and business. This ensures you have areas to relax and be able to step away from work, otherwise, you risk letting your job dominate your life, not to mention allowing distractions to interrupt your working day. 


2 Work to a schedule

Just because you’re working from home you don’t need to work around the clock. Set a schedule that incorporates breaks and times to eat, just like you would in the office. This also means setting boundaries with the people you live with, for example, make sure your housemates or family members respect your working lifestyle. Firm rules and guidelines will mean you can be productive while working from home. 


3 Take your work seriously

Working from home has many benefits – not least by removing lengthy, expensive commutes – but it’s also easy to waste time or get distracted when at home. You need to prove to your employer that it was the right decision and produce better results than if you were in the office. This requires serious determination. Show initiative and work harder than ever on projects and this will reassure your manager than it was the right decision. 


4 Get rid of distractions

This is the trickiest part of working at home. A raft of interesting objects and tools are just a few steps away – it can be tempting to while away the day watching TV or checking social media but you need to make sure you focus on your work. Don’t procrastinate and delay your tasks. A good technique is to set yourself goals and ensure objects like video consoles and televisions are inaccessible until your working day is complete. 


5 Take regular breaks

If you spend all day staring at a screen you’ll lose focus and become less productive. Make sure to go for a short walk every hour or two, simply to take a break. Grab a glass of water or a cup of tea and take a few minutes to relax. You could even do simple exercises to help revitalise your mind and body. Set a regular time each day to go for a walk and make it a habit!


Working from home isn’t quite as easy as it seems. It requires dedication and the ability to stay focused on your work. Using the above tips will make the transition from office to home a lot easier and result in a more productive workday – benefiting both you and your employer.