5 tips for Brand Authority

Having authority in your chosen field is something every good business owner should be looking to achieve. The benefits are clear: not only will existing clients look to you as a trustworthy voice but so will potential customers. And with trust comes sales. But how can you take advantage of this useful tactic? Here are five surefire methods for establishing brand authority.


1) Think of the questions your user base might have

This is tip number one for a reason. You need to pre-empt the concerns and queries of your customers and potential customers and give them the information they want. Make sure your content addresses these points in clear-cut, readable points, either through a blog or FAQ and give them the opportunity to ask follow-up questions (which you should incorporate into your existing content). This positions you as an expert in your chosen field and will improve your standing among search engines – and we don’t need to spell out how important that is. You can come up with ideas through keyword research or simply speaking to your customer-facing staff and ask what are the most common queries. 


2) Produce surveys and reports

If you produce original research you’ll uncover new insights about your brand’s industry, showing the world at large that you’re committed to discovering new information. Not only does this deliver interesting findings to your readers but if you pitch them to the media you’ll receive coverage and desirable backlinks that can repay the cost of implementing these studies many times over. 


3) Take advantage of your in-house experts

If you have staff members who know your industry inside and out (and it’s highly likely you do, simply ask) then it’s worth pushing them to the forefront of your organisation. Encourage them to write blog posts, contribute to podcasts or build relationships with relevant journalists so they become valuable sources. 


4) Create links with authoritative brands

If you align your business with brands you respect then your customers will associate you with them, and vice versa. If you can set up collaborations, even better as it exposes your brand to a whole new audience. It doesn’t have to be in the same field, think outside of the box and see how you can team up. 


5) Don’t be afraid to reveal your secrets

This might seem scary but it can really pay off. For example, if you have a blog post, product or service that has gone viral, it can be incredibly useful to share the details behind it and explain how you achieved success with it. It pays to be forthright as people appreciate honesty – it shows you have nothing to hide and have confidence in your skills. This can help you make a huge impression on your industry and establish you as one of the major names in your field. Obviously, this won’t apply in every instance – make sure you’re not putting your business at risk – but it can often make sense as a way to build authority. 


By creating content that benefits your audience, you show a depth of knowledge which establishes brand authority, which in turn leads to trust and sales.