Heavyweight Agency adopt a mountain gorilla and a lion

Wild animals around the world are under threat, not only from the dangers of climate change and loss of habitat but from humans too. To help play our part in tackling this issue, Heavyweight Agency is proud to announce that last year we adopted a lion and wild gorilla through the WWF. 


Along with many thousands of other people, our ongoing support for these magnificent creatures will help protect their habitats and food sources, while helping to work towards a stable climate for them and us to live in. 


Our gorilla adoption donates much-needed funds to the International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP), which does the following: 


  • Trains rangers to removes snares set for other animals which can hurt or kill gorillas
  • Helps protect gorilla’s habitat
  • Conducts regular surveys of mountain gorilla population
  • Works with local governments to improve the management of the national parks where mountain gorillas live


There are just 23,000 African lions left in the wild today, due to factors such as illegal wildlife trade, loss of prey, loss of habitat and human conflict when lions encroach upon cattle and livestock. Our adoption provides money to the Mara Predator Conservation Programme which helps and protects lions in Kenya. 


This is our way of helping provide a future for these stunning wild animals, in a world where are they becoming more and more under threat. 


If you could like to help support these vulnerable creatures through a trusted organisation, you can find out more at the following links: