How important is a secure website? 5 reasons why an SSL certificate is essential

If you have a website in 2020, an SSL certificate is a must, not a luxury. Online safety has become a priority for all web users, from internet novices to web experts. It all relates to the ‘HTTPS’ term you see in web address bars before the domain name. The ‘S’ shows that the site has SSL security, which relates to the safety of the site. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers, and this certificate tells visitors to the site that it belongs to a legitimate and verified owner.


But why is it so important? In this blog post, we’ll explain why SSL is vital for every website.


1 – SSL protects data. The key function of an SSL certificate is to protect the data sent between the user and the site. SSL means every bit of information is encrypted, and can only be unlocked by the browser or server as no one else will have the key to open it. This is vital when it comes to dealing with sensitive data such as credit card details and passwords, as it protects against hackers.


2 – It increases customer trust. Thanks to countless high profile hacking cases, consumers have become highly aware of security, and the importance of reducing the risk of cybercrime. A few years back, the average online user might not have been aware of SSL certificates, but not anymore. An SSL certificate proves that you take your customer’s privacy and safety seriously. This will give them to confidence to share their private details with your site, and increase the success of your business.


3 – Better search engine ranking. In the mid-2010s, Google altered its algorithm to give preference to HTTPS-enabled websites. Various studies, conducted by SEO experts, demonstrated this, and also showed a correlation between HTTPS and higher search engine rankings. If you’re looking to reach the first page on Google, SSL is a must.


4 – Improves speed. HTTPS actually makes your website load a lot faster, improving the website performance and making for a better user experience. In turn, this helps with your SEO ranking.


5 – Google shows your site properly. If your site isn’t SSL validated, Google will show a page alert saying that your connection isn’t private. This is a major red flag for most users when it comes to engaging with your business. HTTPS sites are accepted by default, making for a seamless experience for your customers.


An SSL certificate is essential when it comes to providing a safe, trustworthy and smooth experience for visitors to your site. If you would like to chat about this, we’re more than happy to help.