How to boost your SEO rankings for free

Optimise your website in less than a day


You might think that the only way to seriously improve the amount of organic traffic coming to your website is to; hire an SEO agency, spend thousands of pounds each month for a few blog posts and take endless skype calls about algorithms.


But it’s not.


And don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you to download anything to find out how to improve your organic traffic without spending a penny.


We’ll simply tell you what you can do TODAY to boost your SEO rankings and increase your organic traffic for free.

1. Compress your web images 


The less time it takes to load your website, the better.


For example, if somebody wants to visit your website but it takes 5+ seconds to load, Google will see this as a negative experience for the user.


Just imagine if you asked somebody for directions and they stood looking at you with a blank face for five seconds…You would probably back away slowly, before moving on to ask somebody else.


It’s the same principle for an internet search, if you don’t provide information quickly enough, users will move on and Google won’t see you as a reliable source of information.


One of the biggest things to have an impact on loading time, is the amount of memory is used on each page, for example, a page with a 4K video on it, will take longer than one with text. 


So if you have photographs on your website, you need to make sure they take up the least amount of memory as possible, which can be done through compression. 


Simply drag and drop your images onto this website, and they will be compressed significantly: Use compression tool.

2. Backlink, Backlink, Backlink 


If you are already working with partners in your industry, make it a priority to get them to include a link from their website to your own.


If they don’t, threaten to kidnap their office dog. 


How do you think we got so many of our own backlinks?


But really, draft an email which can be changed slightly according to who you are sending it to, asking for a backlink to be included on your partner’s website.


It’s important to choose which link you’re sending out as you don’t just want all of your backlinks going to your homepage.


Share links to your ‘Services’ page and your other popular pages, as this will increase their domain authority and ranking respectively. 

3. Utilise video 


Even if you don’t have any video content of your own, you can still utilise Youtube to host videos on your website, which will help your rankings without having to sacrifice load times.


For example, in exchange for a backlink, you could place a partner’s Youtube video on a relevant page.


Google won’t care if the video was made by you or not, if the content is relevant and useful to a user, your rankings will benefit.


It may not be the best solution if you’re struggling for video content, but it is a good temporary one until you have your own content produced, which we can do by the way…

4. Index and create a sitemap 


Have you ever been to Italy? 


It’s a stunning country with some of the best food and drink in the world, both complementing its gorgeous cities and elegant coastlines, the only problem is that Italians….they don’t exactly understand or respect the idea of queuing up, for well, anything to be honest.


It’s not a very efficient system and rather frustrating for us Brits, who regard the orderly queue as an institution.


Google is just the same.


 It prefers to crawl the websites which line up in an orderly queue and wait their turn.


And to get in line, you need to submit a sitemap and index the pages you wish Google to crawl when they are updated with new content.


This will help your website climb in rankings if you have made improvements.


We can’t help you if you visit Italy though…

5. Let us do the work…


If you are serious about improving your organic traffic, getting a full content audit is the best place to start. 


We’ll delve into the depths of your website, finding out what is holding it back and what can be done to drive your business up the rankings. 


We’ll deliver a range of bespoke recommendations and insights using specialist tools, so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out how to get more customers to your website.