Some Good News – The internet sensation

If you haven’t watched an episode of Some Good News, the YouTube news show hosted by actor, John Krasinski, make sure to make time this week to enjoy some of the best ‘good news’ stories from around the world. 


The 25 minute long episodes have attracted millions of views ever since the COVID-19 lockdown was enforced. 


The concept is as simple as the title suggests however, the success of the show is not simply down to clipping videos sent in by users.


The charm of the show is the engagement Krasinski has with viewers as fans are regularly featured and interviewed throughout, two of whom are even married by Krasinski himself!


From an engagement and exposure perspective, it’s a phenomenal success and proof that all you need to create outstanding content, is basic video editing skills and content that brings a smile to the face. 


If you can generate some videos and photos from your most loyal clients/customers, you could create some incredibly engaging and charming content.


The likes of Nike and Ikea have already launched campaigns utilising content shared by users of their products and the results are impressive. 

View some of our favourite examples, here.

Some Good News



As opposed to the hyper-produced and glossy videos we’re used to seeing, the human element shines through, which is something that makes Some Good News so powerful. 


If you would like help with producing user-generated content, make sure to get in touch with our team, who would be delighted to help. 


George Brown