Tap into the season of goodwill

It’s nearly Christmas, and we all know what that means. From Noddy Holder shouting at the top of his voice, to mince pies and wacky festive jumpers, the British public love the Christmas season. The season of good tidings affects everything in our professional and personal life, influencing what we wear, eat, drink and even sing along to on the radio. If you want to connect with your audience throughout December, it’s worth taking advantage of the season and applying a few festive touches to your online presence.


But it’s easy to get wrong. Try too hard and it can feel insincere, or do too little and you risk coming across like a Scrooge or, even worse, the Grinch who doesn’t like Christmas. Here are some of our top tips for tapping into the spirit of the season.


1) Decorate your website

This is a quick and simple trick to get the message across that you’re a business who values fun as much as providing products and services. It doesn’t have to be anything too over the top like doing a complete redesign, all it requires are little touches. Consider adding a Christmas hat to your logo, or a few snowflakes on the background of your site – these can make all the difference. Take a tip from the best – over at Google they keep the homepage the same at Christmas, but make a simple change to the logo, adding snow or fairylights to the logo. It’s subtle but effective.


2) Show off your team’s festive spirit

People like to know there’s a human face behind the business they’re dealing with, and the Christmas season is the perfect time to get this across to your customers. Consider including a group photo of your staff in their best festive jumpers to your email newsletters in the run up to Christmas – or if you’re a one-man-show, post a photo of you and your family preparing for a visit from Santa Claus. These are simple and inexpensive to execute, but demonstrate a heart-warming face behind the brand.


3) Share the joy of Christmas

Practically everyone has happy memories of Christmas, whether it’s opening presents round the tree, or tucking into a huge turkey with their grandparents. And even better, they love to share them with other people. Create some social media posts asking people to share their favourite memories and share your own too. It adds to a sense of sharing and community, and will ensure people associate happy memories with your brand.


4) Play at being Father Christmas

It’s the season of giving, so why not give out some Christmas presents before the big day? These don’t have to be huge gifts, a simple voucher code or a competition where the prize is a Christmas jumper branded with your logo will be enough to let your customers know that you’re entering into the Christmas spirit. If you’re feeling particularly generous, a 12 days of Christmas countdown, with a small gift each day, can be an eye-catching promotional tool, and one that keeps your customers checking back to your site or social media day after day.


If you want your business to effectively tap into the spirit of the season and would like to chat about this, we’re more than happy to help. 


Merry Christmas!